Our Vision

  • We believe in the inherent value and dignity of every human being.
  • We believe God’s ‘unconditional love’ extends to everyone.
  • We are all made in the ‘image of God’; we are called to love one another as God himself loves us.
  • We all form ‘one human family, whatever our national, racial, ethnic, economic and ideological differences’.

Our Mission

  • To provide Gospel-centred ministries to people in material and emotional need, those who feel abandoned and alone in their everyday lives.
  • To relieve poverty, disadvantages, social isolation and helplessness of Australians and people living overseas in certified developing countries.
  • To share resources; to  help people in need live in a more sustainable way.
  • To help change lives both locally and internationally.

Our Approach

Every human being is a ‘living image of God the Father’, with ‘inherent value and dignity’, each ‘with his or her own rights and a fundamental equality with everyone else’.


We believe that every human being is gifted in some way to contribute to the overall good of society. We thus feel duty-bound to use all our abilities in service of people in need.


Our approach is one of solidarity, which reflects this unique value of human beings. Solidarity is more than a ‘vague compassion or shallow distress at the misfortunes of others’, but a serious commitment to ‘the common good, to the good of each and every individual’. 


While solidarity calls for improvement of living conditions, it also means a ‘concern for spiritual and moral values’ thus ensuring both, ‘economic growth’ and ‘human betterment’. 


Our work is inspired by this understanding of solidarity, and our programs are designed to directly assist people affected by poverty, economic, educational and other disadvantages. 


We hope that through our activities we have added to the efforts of creating a more just world, and we intend to continue with our work deep into the future.   

Our History

Community Care Incorporated was established as an incorporated association and registered Australian Charity under the NSW Incorporated Associations Act in 2001 by the Servants of Jesus Community.


Community Care was established to provide Gospel-Centered ministries for the relief of poverty, disadvantage, social isolation and helplessness of Australians and people living overseas in certified developing countries.


For over 20 years Community Care has provided a range of outreach ministries of practical service and support to marginalized individuals and families experiencing hardship in the Blacktown and Parramatta Local Government areas of NSW Australia.


In 2012 Community Care established the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Outreach program which provides a food bank and emergency relief services, family support and advocacy services to refugee and asylum seeker families in Western Sydney holding temporary protection and bridging visas.


In 2017-18 Community Care raised $20,000 for the Footprints P.L.A.Y Rainbow Education Center to support the building of classrooms for disadvantaged children in Lanseria, South Africa.


Community Care is classified by the Australian Tax Office as deductible gift recipient organisation (status 1) therefore all donations made to Community Care over $2 dollars are tax deductible.


Community Care administers on behalf of the the NSW Government the EAPA (Energy Accounts Payment Assistance) Scheme to assist families in financial stress; Community Care administers on behalf of NSW Sydney Water, the PAS or Payment Assistance Scheme for tenants and home owners in financial stress.


The work of Community Care is primarily carried out by volunteers.


Help us make a difference in peoples lives today by fundraising or donating today.

40 Families

Refugee and Asylum seeker families in Western Sydney are regularly connected with Community Care for food bank, emergency relief, social, educational and advocacy support.

60 Families

Families experiencing hardship living in Western Sydney are regularly connected with our Hope Outreach program.


In 2018-19 $80K in emergency relief funds were administered to families in financial hardship on behalf of the NSW State Government EAPA Scheme.


In 2018-19 a final payment of $10,905 was made for the completion of the primary school classrooms for disadvantaged children in Lanseria South Africa. And $6,612 contributed for the installation of a solar project in Uganda.’

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