Our Approach

To show people that they are loved and valued. We believe in the dignity and value of every person – that every life matters. Everyone belongs in a state of unconditional love and acceptance.

We recognise our obligation to be generous with the abundant resources available to us in our country.


We show love to others through giving without charge and providing food and clothing to those that are in need. We are open to partnering with like-minded organisations that want to make a real difference.

Where we work

We currently have programs in Western Sydney and International Projects located in South Africa and Uganda.

Local Programs

Our Local Programs are located in the Blacktown area of Western Sydney NSW and include:
  • The Refugee Outreach Program, which operates every second week on Wednesdays from 6 February 2020 and;
  • Hope Outreach, which operates on Fridays during school terms in 2020.
International Projects

  • The Footprints PLAY Rainbow Education Centre in Lanseria , South Africa and;
  • A Solar Power Project in Uganda and;
  • Supporting partner of equipping a Health Clinic in Uganda.

We support

Through our local and international projects we support: 

• Refugee and asylum seeker families;

• Individuals and families struggling to make ends meet;

• Disadvantaged school children in Lanseria South Africa;

• Disadvantaged families and communities in Uganda.

Local Projects

Our Approach

Refugee outreach Program

“Migrants are our brothers and sisters in search of a better life, far away from poverty, hunger and war.” (Pope Francis)

Refugee Outreach Program provides practical support to new migrants, refugees and asylum seeker families in the Blacktown and Parramatta local government areas (LGA’s) of NSW. The program operates every second Wednesday, beginning 6 February 2019.

In this program families are able to access:

  • a food bank,
  • emergency relief assistance with electricity, gas and water bills,
  • advocacy,
  • referrals
  • general family support
  • increased social networks 
Ways to support us

Hope Outreach

Hope Outreach provides practical support to individuals and families living in the Blacktown and Parramatta LGA’s. The program usually operates on Friday evenings from 4pm during school terms.

Much like the refugee program, families are able to access:

  • a food bank,
  • emergency relief assistance with electricity, gas and water bills,
  • free meal
  • general family support
  • increased social networks 

Any support or donations are always welcome. Please contact us if you are interested in helping us make a difference, or donate below. 

International Projects

Solar power project in Uganda

Regular and sustainable employment is critical to the growth and development of any community.


Through local contacts in Uganda, Community Care was able to provide a stand alone power system for a chicken farm in Ibanda, Uganda.

The Solar Power system allowed the farmer, Robert Tumuhimbise, to light the large chicken runs at night without the use of expensive kerosene and also run vital refrigeration systems. The reduction in overheads has allowed Robert to expand his local work force. 


This amazing project was 12 months in the making. The unit deployed was built and tested in Sydney by a Renewable Energy Engineering company, Living Power and shipped to Uganda in a purpose built crate. It took approximately 6 months to transport the crate to the final site in Uganda. Living Power also provided an engineer to implement the project. The engineer travelled to Uganda in May 2014 and, with the assistance of local labour, was able to complete the project which is still running and building the local economy today.


Classrooms in South Africa

Disadvantaged school children get classrooms

The Footprints P.L.A.Y. Rainbow Education Center located in Lanseria, South Africa, has constructed classrooms to provide quality education for disadvantaged primary school. The construction of the classrooms is now complete. 

Community Care has raised approximately $20,000 for the construction of classrooms, amenities and essential plumbing works.


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